№ 1 2018

№ 1 2018
Ukrainian Cardiology Journal
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V.I. Tseluyko, on behalf of the group of researchers

Reality of arterial hypertension treatment in Ukraine: the results of «СИСТЕМА 2» cohort study

O.M. Parkhomenko, O.I. Irkin, Ya.M. Lutai, S.P. Kushnir,D.О. Bilyi, A.O. Stepura, Yu.M. Sokolov, M.Yu. Sokolov, V.Yu. Kobylyak, A.S. Kryvchun

Effect of various regimens of lipid-lowering therapy on the efficacy of urgent myocardial revascularization and development of left ventricular remodeling in patients with acute coronary syndrome with ST segment elevation

O.A. Yepanchintseva, O.J. Zharinov, K.O. Mikhaliev, B.M. Todurov

Left ventricular dysfunction before planned surgical revascularization. Features of the «grey area»

O.S. Sychov, A.O. Borodai, E.S. Borodai

Factors influencing the risk of ischemic stroke in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation-flutter

М.Yu. Коlesnyk, O.M. Kamyshnyi, Ya.М. Mykhailovskyi

The interrelation of CYP2C9, CYP4F2, VKORC1 genes polymorphism and hemorrhagic complications of warfarin therapy in patients with atrial fibrillation: a single-center one-year study

O.S. Sychov, P.B. Romaniuk, A.O. Borodai, V.H. Hurianov

The heart rate influence on the myocardial structural and functional state and intracardiac hemodynamics in patients with non-valvular permanent atrial fibrillation

V.M. Kovalenko, E.G. Nesukay, S.V. Fedkiv, S.V. Cherniuk, R.M. Kirichenko

Changes of the cardiac structure and function parameters and arrhythmias in patients with myocarditis during 12-month follow-up

D.A. Mansurova, L.K. Karazhanova, A.B. Sugraliev

Stent thrombosis in a patient with acute coronary syndrome without ST segment elevation with high residual platelet reactivity

K.V. Rudenko, M.L. Zhuravleva, F.М. Abdueva, I.A. Sumanova

Clinical case of surgical treatment of obstructive form of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy according to the new Ferrazzi procedure

D.D. Dyachuk, G.Z. Moroz, I.M. Hydzynska, T.S. Lasitsya

The prevalence of risk factors of сardiovascular diseases in Ukraine

The results of reviewing articles of the «Ukrainian Journal of Cardiology» in 2016–2017

List of articles published in Ukrainian Journal of Cardiology in 2017

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In memory of Ninel Pavlivna Stroganova

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