V.M. Kovalenko, O.B. Kuchmenko, L.S. Mkhytarian.Molecular and genetic peculiarities of the paraoxonase functioning and importance in the development of cardiovascular pathology.

The contemporary data on the molecular, genetic and biochemical peculiarities of paraoxonase and its importance in the development of cardiovascular pathology are presented in this article. The isoenzymes of paraoxonase provide detoxifying, anti-oxidant, anti-atherogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-sclerotic and cardioprotective effect, and participate in the functioning of the immune system. Given the importance of functions of paraoxonase and its involvement in the development of different pathological states, pharmacogenomic interaction between paraoxonase and different factors that can influence the expression of the gene and enzyme activity can form the basis for developing pathogenetically justified approaches to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular pathology. The possibilities to use the enzyme activity as a diagnostic test, as well as genetic molecular enzyme forms as markers associated with the predisposition to cardiovascular and other pathologies, are discussed.

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