№ 5 2010

№5 2010
Ukrainian Cardiology Journal
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In this issue:

O.M. Parkhomenko, S.M. Kozhukhov, Yu.V. Kornatsky, O.S. Gurjeva
Syndrom of acute heart failure in patients with myocardial infarction and with preserved left ventricular systolic function: clinical course and prognosis

A.I. Dyadyk, V.K. Grin, A.S. Vorobyov, O.I. Stolika, N.Yu. Tsyba, S.V. Maltsev, A.E. Bagriy, E.V. Schukina, V.B. Kostogryz
Evaluation of the markers of myocardial stress activity for prognosis of postinfarction left ventricular remodeling

S.V. Valuyeva
Predictors of 2-year mortality in patients after myocardial infarction complicated by left ventricular aneurysm with essential hypertension

G.D. Radchenko, I.M. Martsovenko, Yu.M. Sirenko
Questionary of physicians treating patients with arterial hypertension

L.P. Sydorchuk, K.M. Amosova
Influence of long-term pharmacogenetically determined treatment on ultrasonography data and left ventricular geometry model in patients with arterial hypertension

O.S. Sychov, L.A. Shabil’yanova, A.I. Frolov, E.V. Mogylnytskiy, O.A. Lobko
Features of heart rate variability in patients with paroxysmal and persistent forms of atrial fibrillation/flutter

Yu.V. Zinchenko
Proarrhythmogenic effects of antiarrhythmic therapy at transesophageal electric cardiac stimulation in the patients with atrial flutter

A.N. Khalilov, A.B. Bakhshaliyev, S.M. Kahramanova
Effect of different modes of therapy on central hemodynamics, clinical manifestations of disease and quality of life of patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

A.M. Vasylenko, S.O. Sheiko
Relation between the levels of tumor necrosis factor alpha and erythropoietin in blood of elderly patients with chronic heart failure and manifestations of anemia syndrome

S.V. Fedkiv
Discovery of postinfarction pulmonary and thrombotic complications by x-ray and multislice spiral computed tomography

A.N. Bletkin, I.A. Borisov, V.B. Simonenko, D.D. Savichev
Remodeling of the left ventricle in complicated forms of ischemic heart disease

V.V. Bugaenko, V.V. Tovstukha
Statins: compatibility and safety in treatment patients with ischemic heart disease

I.I. Chubuchna, Z.O. Guk-Leshnevska
Beta-blokers and angiotenzin-converting enzyme inhibitors usage in treatment of endothelial dysfunction

V.N. Kovalenko, T.V. Talayeva, V.V. Bratus
Statins and ischemic heart disease – what is further?

B.М. Todurov, V.Yu. Kundin, О.Е. Nobis
Contemporary possibilities of myocardial scyntigraphy in the diagnosis of left ventricular myocardium pathology

Final document of the XI National Congress of Cardiologists of Ukraine.