№ 6 2011

№6 2011
Ukrainian Cardiology Journal
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In this issue:

V.N. Kovalenko, M.P. Boichak, A.N. Parkhomenko, V.N. Sosnytskyi, L.A. Stadniuk, G.V. Miasnikov, T.V. Sosnytskaya, I.A. Chaikovskyi, B. Khailer, A.R. Sapozhnikov, O.S. Guryeva
Magnetocardiography capabilities in myocardium injury diagnosis

О.I. Zharinov, O.S. Sychov, A.M. Gontar, L. Naditch-Brule, P.G. Steg, on behalf of the Scientific Committee and Ukrainian participants of the RealiseAF study
Profile of cardiovascular risk and treatment of atrial fibrillation in the Ukrainian population of the RealiseAF international survey study

Yu.V. Zinchenko
Course of the I type atrial flutter first episode during one year after cardioversion

Yu.N. Sokolov, M.Yu. Sokolov, V.I. Chubko, A.Yu. Sirenko, M.I. Studzinskaya
Long-term results of stenting in patients with symptomatic chronic coronary occlusions

V.I. Tseluiko, L.M. Yakovleva, S.O. Strokova
The impact of medication adherence upon long-term prognosis in patients that survived myocardial infarction

B.М. Todurov, А.V. Khokhlov, М.V. Shymanko, А.А. Maksakov, Horram Sohrab
Rotational angiography with 3-D reconstruction during renal artery stenting

A.V. Ushakov, V.I. Sadovoi, Ye.M. Dolia
Early postinfarction cardiac remodeling and serum levels of C-reactive protein, transforming growth factor Β and hepatocyte growth factor

L.G. Voronkov, T.V. Nazemets, A.V. Liashenko, T.I. Gavrylenko
Survival of patients with chronic heart failure in relation to basic levels of N-terminal pro B-type natriuretic peptide and its changes over in-patient treatment period

Ye.А. Matova, S.V. Pavlenko, Ye.P. Svishchenko, L.A. Mishchenko
10-year dynamics of left ventricular diastolic function indexes in essential hypertension patients

S.D. Babliak, V.A. Skybchyk, L.V. Korostyl
Influence of lercanidipine upon risk of acute coronary events according to the PROCAM scale in young and middle-aged patients with arterial hypertension

V.M. Kovalenko, I.I. Andrushko, T.V. Talayeva
Relationship of hyperhomocysteinemia with metabolic risk factors in patients with ischemic heart disease

O.I. Mitchenko, V.Yu. Romanov, K.O. Yanovska, M.M. Gelmedova, L.V. Yakushko
Adipokins and their ratios in patients with metabolic syndrome

V.K. Grin, N.V. Kalinkina, V.S. Kolesnikov, N.T. Vatutin
The phenomenon of preconditioning

V.М. Zhebel, S.Е. Lozynskyi
From left ventricular hypertrophy to hypertensive heart. Change of the paradigm

Consensus on the use of dronedarone in the treatment of atrial fibrillation

R.A. Henderson, A.D. Timmis
Almanac 2011: stable coronary artery disease. An editorial overview of selected research that has driven recent advances in clinical cardiology

Oleksii Oleksiyovych Moibenko (80 years anniversary)