№ 5 2013

№5 2013
Ukrainian Cardiology Journal
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In this issue:

M.Yu. Sokolov, M.I. Studzinskaya.
Acute coronary syndromes without sustained ST elevation: peculiarities of interventional therapy.

N.T. Vatutin, N.V. Kalinkina, E.V. Yeshchenko.
The effectiveness of individual self-testing and self-care skills training programs in chronic heart failure patients.

E.G. Nesukay, S.V. Cherniuk.
Characteristics of the immune state, oxidative stress, structure and function of myocardium in patients with myocarditis according to their dynamic changes.

M.G. Il’yash, O.E. Bazyka N.V. Dovganych, L.I. Zelenenka, E.S. Starshova.
Peculiarities of intracardial hemodynamics in patients with essential hypertension and mitral regurgitation.

V.N. Seredyuk.
Effect of angiotensin-converting enzyme and angiotensin II receptor blockers on the indexes of neurohumoral activation, cytokine profile and level of pulmonary hypertension in patients with decompensated chronic pulmonary heart disease.

Y.V. Zinchenko, M.R. Ikorkin, А.A. Borodai.
Predictors of effective cardioversion in patients with atrial flutter.

A.N. Solovyan, S.Yu. Savitskyy.
Complex evaluation of atrial electric unstability in patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and concomitant heart diseases.

O.I. Mitchenko, A.V. Rudenko, V.U. Romanov, M.V. Gvozdyk, M.M. Gelmedova, V.V. Gutovsky.
Coronary atherosclerosis in patients with diabetes mellitus and hypothyroidism.

V.M. Kovalenko, T.V. Talayeva, A.S. Kozliuk.
Metabolic syndrome: mechanisms, value as a predictor of cardiovascular diseases, approaches in diagnosis and treatment.

G.V. Knyshov, E.O. Bilynskyy, V.V. Lazoryshynets, V.P. Zalevskyy, B.B. Kravchuk, O.Z. Paratsiy, O.V. Rasputniak.
Sequence of electromechanical processes in the ventricular myocardium – a way to understand dyssynchrony and optimal usage of resynchronization therapy.

S.I. Lypovetska.
T-wave alteration: advantages and defects of the test, its clinical value.

О.J. Zharinov, V.О. Kuts, A.P. Verezhnikova, N.О. Mokhnachova.
Electrocardiographic diagnosis of ventricular preexcitation syndromes.

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