№ 3 2015

№ 3 2015
Ukrainian Cardiology Journal
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In this issue:

G.V. Dzyak, E.L. Kolesnik.
Arterial wall stiffness in male patients with arterial hypertension, depending on age.

G.D. Radchenko, O.O. Torbas, Yu.M. Sirenko, G.V. Ponomareva, P.I. Sidorenko, S.A. Polishchuk, O.O. Snitsarenko.
Comparison of treatment based on combination lisinopril and hydrochlorothiazide vs bisoprolol and hydrochlorothiazide in patients with moderate to severe arterial hypertension.

M.Yu. Sokolov, V.Yu. Kobylyak, Yu.M. Sokolov.
Periprocedural myocardial damage in patients with stable angina, depending on the method of drug cardioprotection.

T.V. Talaieva, V.O. Shumakov, V.V. Bratus.
Role of the acquired immune response in the development of acute coronary syndrome.

N.V. Netyazhenko, T.Y. Malchevska, O.M. Plyenova, A.I. Pastushyna, A.V. Lyakhotska.
Changes in blood coagulation and anticoagulation factors activity in women with different risks of cardiovascular events.

N.T. Vatutin, N.V. Kalinkina, V.S. Kolesnikov.
Autonomic imbalance in patients with stable angina: possible physiological triggers of preconditioning process.

O.S. Sychov, A.O. Borodai, E.S. Borodai.
Prediction of left atrial appendage thrombus and sludge in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation and impact of anticoagulation on their assessment.

N.P. Levchuk, О.J. Zharinov, М.R. Ikorkin, О.S. Sychov.
Changes of the myocardial structure and function in patients with persistent atrial fibrillation after cardioversion at long-term follow-up.

О.M. Trembovetska.
Longitudinal segmental displacement of left ventricular walls in patients with mitral insufficiency.

O.A. Yepanchintseva, O.P. Nadorak, Yu.A. Borkhalenko, O.J. Zharinov.
Quality of life in patients with stable coronary artery disease: a place of ranolazine.

M.I. Lutai, S.V. Fedkiv, I.P. Golikova, O.O. Nemchyna, A.O. Chekalova, V.A. Slobodskiy, V.V. Tovstukha.
Deposition of adipose tissue in the myocardium in normal and pathological conditions. Clinical case of lipomatose hypertrophy of right ventricle.

Yu.V. Zinchenko, O.І. Frolov.
The course of arrhythmia in patients after an episode of atrial flutter 1:1.

S.V. Fedkiv, S.S. Telychkun.
Magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of the ischemic myocardial lesions of the left ventricle.

Iryna Kazymyrivna Sledzevska.

Oleksii Oleksiyovych Moibenko.

Scientific and practical conference.
Stress and cardiovascular disease: national strategy in modern conditions of Ukraine.

XVI Ukrainion National Congress of Cardiology