M.I. Lutay, I.P. Golikova, A.F. Lysenko, L.M. Tkachenko.CORIFEY Study: evaluation of ivabradine efficacy in patients with stable ischemic heart disease and symptoms of angina pectoris

The article contains the results of Ukranian open multicenter study «CORIFEY», in which 170 internists and 419 patients with verified stable ischemic heart disease took part. At the beginning of study all patients had exercise-induced angina pectoris (in average > 6 attacks per week) and insufficient control of heart rate (HR) (~ 94 % – participants had HR ≥ 70 per min) despite of active medical therapy. Addition of ivabradine (in average daily dose 13.2±0.1 mg) decreased quantity of anginal attacks by 3 times, increased exercise tolerance (bicycle test duration until appearance of myocardial ischemia increased from 330 till 450 sec (Р<0.001)) and effectively decreased HR from 77.7 till 60.7 beats per min (Р<0.001).

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