№ 4 2010

№4 2010
Ukrainian Cardiology Journal
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In this issue:

Yu.M. Sirenko, G.D. Radchenko, I.M. Martsovenko, on behalf of the study participants
Blood pressure control in patients with diabetes mеllitus

V.B. Bezrodniy, L.A. Mischenko, Ye.P. Svyschenko
Influence of losartan on some risk factors in patients with hypertension and renal dysfunction

O.V. Korkushko, V.Yu. Lishnevskaya, L.A. Bodretskaya
Predictors of frequent supraventricular extrasystolia in the ischemic heart disease patients aged 60 years and over (results of the 3-year observation)

I.K. Sledzevskaya, L.N. Babiy, E.P. Pogurelskaya, Yu.O. Khomenko, L.F. Kisilevich, L.S. Prokhna, Ya.Yu. Scherbak
Survival and its determining factors in patients with postinfarction cardiosclerosis during two-year follow-up

О.M. Lomakovsky
Influence of statins on immune inflammation, lipids spectrum of blood, oxidation of lipids and proteins in patients with chronic ischemic heart disease

A.О. Borodai, O.S. Sychоv
Association between atherosclerosis of aorta and carotid arteries and thrombogenic markers in patients with atrial fibrillation-flutter paroxysm of more than 48 hours duration

Yu.V. Zinchenko
Efficacy of transesophageal electric cardiac stimulation in patients with non-valvular atrial flutter type I depending on heart failure stage

O.I. Mitchenko, A.O. Logvinenko, V.Yu. Romanov
Diurnal profile of blood pressure and structural-functional state of myocardium in patients with metabolic syndrome and thyroid dysfunction, treatment optimization

А.S. Gavrysh, V.G. Hadzhynsky, О.L. Kindzerskaya, S.I. Dorofeyeva
Structural and metabolic factors of inadequacy of plastic supply of myocardial function in chronic heart failure of non-coronary origin

N.A. Hajiyeva
Left ventricular remodeling peculiarities under tuberculosis in teenagers

B.М. Тоdurov, А.V. Khokhlov, М.V. Shymanko, А.O. Макsakov, Khorram Sohrab Mohammad Ali
Subclavian-coronary steal syndrome in patients after mammary-coronary bypass grafting in combination with subclavian-cerebral steal syndrome and vasorenal hypertension

D.V. Ryabenko, Т.M. Коrnyenko
Alcoholic cardiomyopathy

A.E. Berezin, T.A. Panasenko, E.Yu. Koretskaya
Osteopontin as novel biological marker of cardiovascular remodeling

Edited by Acad. O.O. Moybenko, D.M.Sc. V.S. Dosenko, Prof. O.M. Parkhomenko V. Kovalenko, S.B. Frantsusova
Review of monography “Endogenous mechanisms of cardioprotection as basis of pathogenetic therapy of cardiac diseases”