№ 4 2018

№ 4 2018
Ukrainian Cardiology Journal
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Aim of the Journal and Editorial Policy

М.І. Lutay, О.М. Parkhomenko, G.F. Lysenko, І.P. Golikova, N. Greenlaw, R. Ferrari, I. Ford, K.M. Fox, J.-C. Tardif, M. Tendera, Ph.G. Steg, R. Young 

Patient with stable ischemic heart disease in Ukraine and Europe: The CLARIFY registry 5-year results

O.M. Parkhomenko, Ya.M. Lutay, O.I. Irkin, D.O. Bilyi, A.О. Stepura, S.P. Kushnir, O.A. Skarzhevskyi, O.V. Shumakov

Clinical, anamnestic characteristics and course of in-hospital period in young patients with ST-elevation acute coronary syndrome

L.М. Babii, V.О. Shumakov, О.P. Pogurelska, Yu.O. Khomenko, L.F. Kisilevich

Short- and long-term outcomes in patients after ST-elevation myocardial infarction with urgent percutaneous coronary intervention

N.V. Dovgan, O.M. Parkhomenko, Ya.M. Lutay

Acute coronary syndrome without ST-segment elevation on electrocardiogram: clinical and anamnestic factors of poor prognosis at hospital period

L.G. Voronkov, V.V. Gorbachova, A.V. Lіashenko, T.I. Gavrilenko, L.S. Mkhitaryan

Iron metabolism parameters in patients with chronic heart failure and reduced left ventricular ejection fraction depending on basic demographic, clinical and instrumental characteristics

K.M. Amosova, O.V. Vasylenko, K.P. Lazareva, N.V. Shyshkina, Yu.О. Sychenko, I.I. Gorda, A.V. Sablin, N.V. Melnichenko, Yu.V. Rudenko, A.B. Bezrodnyi, K.I. Cherniaieva, I.I. Burlachenko

The clinical characteristics of patients with arterial hypertension, symptoms of heart failure and preserved ejection fraction depending on E/e´ at rest and under physical exertion

L.G. Voronkov, A.S. Solonovych, A.V. Liashenko

The state of cognitive function in patients with chronic heart failure and reduced left ventricular ejection fraction depending on the main clinical, demographic and hemodynamic parameters

V.P. Ivanov, Т.D. Danilevych

Antiarrhythmic efficiency of eplerenon in complex therapy of patients with arterial hypertension and frequent recurrences of atrial fibrillation

O.A. Koval, A.V. Khomych, S.V. Romanenko, A.S. Skoromna

New clinical-echocardiographic method to reveal obstructive сoronary artery disease presence with index of coronary obstruction calculation: its characteristics and verification

N.V. Lozynska, Yu.A. Ivaniv

Ultrasonоgraphic analysis of the fetal heart rhythm: clinical significance and differential diagnosis of bradyarrhythmias

М.І. Lutay, І.P. Golikova, О.М. Lomakovsky, Т.І. Gavrilenko

Calcification of the heart arteries in coronary athero­sclerosis

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