№ 5 2017

№ 5 2017
Ukrainian Cardiology Journal
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In this issue:

K.M. Amosova, N.V. Shyshkina, Yu.V. Rudenko, A.B. Bezrodnyi, I.Yu. Katsitadze, S.M. Dubynska

Parameters of arterial stiffness, wave reflection and ventricular-vascular coupling in patients with hypertension and heart failure with preserved and reduced left ventricular ejection fraction

I.O. Zhyvylo, G.D. Radchenko, Ye.Yu. Titov, Yu.M. Sirenko

Structural and functional status of the systemic circulation arteries in patients with idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension with different functional abilities and endpoints

T.G. Slascheva, G.D. Radchenko, Yu.M. Sirenko, I.M. Martsovenko

Factors associated with patient’s compliance to antihypertensive treatment

V.I. Tseluyko, L.M. Yakovleva, O.E. Matuzok

Relationship between asymmetric dimethylarginine and clinical, laboratory, ultrasonic parameters in patients with myocardial infarction after intravenous fibrinolysis

M.М. Dolzhenko, V.E. Dosenko, L.E. Lobach

The recessive pattern of inheritance of аldosterone synthase gene and indicators of diastolic function of left ventricle in patient with coronary heart disease and postinfarction cardiosclerosis

U.P. Chernyaha-Royko, O.J. Zharinov, N.S. Pavlyk, S.S. Pavlyk

Predictors of early recurrence of arrhythmia among patients with nonvalvular persistent atrial fibrillation and flutter after cardioversion

V.Yu. Zharinova, О.Yu. Galetskiy, L.A. Bodretska

Diagnostic value of the level of nerve growth factor in elderly patients with ischemic heart disease and ventricular extrasystoles

V.M. Kovalenko, E.G. Nesukay, S.V. Cherniuk, R.M. Kirichenko

Myocarditis course predicting based on complex studies of immune status and morphofunctional heart condition

V.I. Tseluyko, S.M. Sukhova, L.M. Yakovleva, K.Yu. Kinoshenko

Factors associated with unfavorable long-term prognosis in patients with acute pulmonary embolism

E.G. Nesukay, I.I. Giresh

Evaluation of the right ventricular function in patients with arterial hypertension using speckle-tracking echocardiography

V.V. Bugayenko, I.P. Golikova, M.P. Slobodianyk

Diagnostic tests in suspicion of the coronary artery disease in women. The role of the coronary calcium determination (clinical cases)

O.O. Melnyk

Pharmacogenetic testing for personalization of warfarin dosing

V.I. Berezutsky, M.S. Berezutskaya

The possibilities of musical therapy in treatment of arterial hypertension

European Congress of Cardiology – 2017

Prepared by S.M. Kozhukhov

Final Document of the XVIII National Congress of Cardiology of Ukraine

(Kyiv, 20–22 September 2017)

Volodymyr Ivanovich Volkov

(to the 80th anniversary)