№ 6 2017

№ 6 2017
Ukrainian Cardiology Journal
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In this issue:

Ye.P. Swishchenko, L.А. Mishchenko, on behalf of the group of researchers

Clinical and demographic characteristics of the patients with first diagnosed arterial hypertension: results of START study

A.V. Rudenko, M.L. Rudenko, O.A. Beregovyy

Specifics of postinfarction rupture of the interventricular septum

V.Y. Tseluyko, O.D. Yarova

Results of Holter ECG monitoring in patients with atherosclerosis of the arteries of lower extremities and factors associated with the revealed disorders

N.D. Oryshchyn, Yu.A. Ivaniv

Predictors of ischemic mitral insufficiency in patients with systolic left ventricular dysfunction after myocardial infarction of different localization

L.G. Voronkov, O.L. Filatova, A.V. Lyashenko, N.A. Tkach, N.G. Lipkan

Predictors of 24-month survival in patients with chronic heart failure and reduced left ventricular ejection fraction depending on gender

T.V. Mikhalieva, O.S. Sychov, T.V. Getman, V.G. Gurianov, K.O. Mikhaliev

Predictors of arrhythmia recurrence in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation after sinus rhytmh restoring: the role of the rs10465885 polymrphism in connexin-40 gene

Yu.I. Zalizna, K.O. Mikhaliev, O.J. Zharinov

Predictors of arrhythmia recurrence after the first episode of atrial fibrillation during 6-months follow-up

N.V. Ponych

Regression of left ventricle hypertrophy in patients with critical aortic stenosis after aortic valve replacement

E.G. Nesukay, I.I. Giresh

Dynamics of left heart deformation parameters in patients with essential hypertension under long-term treatment

M.V. Hrebenyk, S.М. Masliy

Clinical experience of pharmacotherapy of arrhythmias: focus on ethacizine – effectiveness and safety profile

L.K. Sokolova, V.M. Pushkarev, O.I. Kovzun, V.V. Pushkarev, M.D. Tronko

Diabetes and atherosclerosis: epigenetic mechanisms of pathogenesis. A review

Viktor Denysovych Syvolap

(to the 75th anniversary)