G.V. Demydenko, O.N. Kovaleva.Apelin activity in patients with essential hypertension: age and gender peculiarities.

The purpose of this study was to investigate apelin activity in patients with essential hypertension (EH) according to age and gender. Examination of 94 patients with EH was performed. Age and gender peculiarities of apelin activity were estimated. The level of apelin expression was higher in men of middle age and women of old age. Plasma apelin levels in patients with EH II were higher than in patients with EH I. Adipokine levels were increased according to systolic pressure level. When patients were divided depending on duration of the disease, it was revealed that women in each group had higher apelin levels than men. Patients with heart failure II class NYHA had the highest apelin levels. The possible protective role of apeline in the pathogenesis of EH is related to the increased peptide activity under lipid and carbohydrate exchange disorders.

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