V.I. Berezutsky, M.S. Berezutskaya The possibilities of musical therapy in treatment of arterial hypertension

The aim of the study was to determine the possibilities of practical application of music therapy in the comprehensive treatment of arterial hypertension according to the analysis of scientific publications over the past five years in journals indexed by Scopus, Web оf Science and PubMed. The analysis showed that the main mechanisms of the influence of music on the cardiovascular system are realized through the emotional state and the autonomic nervous system. Depending on the combination of the characteristics of the musical composition (timbre, melody, tonality, harmony, metro rhythm, tempo, dynamics, pitch) it has a stimulating or inhibitory effect on the sympathetic or parasympathetic regulation of the cardiovascular system. Thanks to the ability to ease stress and pathological adrenergic influences, music therapy can reduce heart rate and blood pressure, reduce myocardial oxygen demand, and lower the tone of peripheral blood vessels. Since such hemodynamic effects have a very positive impact on the arterial hypertension, music therapy has a huge potential and should be widely used in practical cardiology.

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