T.B. Bevzenko, I.Yu. Golovach, M.V. Iermolaieva, L.V. Sedaya, O.V. Syniachenko. Cardiopulmonary changes in Henoch – Schonlein purpura

The aim – to investigate cardiopulmonary changes in Henoch – Schonlein purpura and to determine the pathogenetic value of the adsorption-rheological properties of blood and endothelial function of vessels.

Material and methods. The study included 144 patients (56 % men and 44 % women), age from 14 to 65 years. ECG and echocardiography, Holter monitoring, angiosonography, spirography, assessment of the alveolar-capillary membrane, X-ray examination of the chest cavity, computer and magnetic resonance imaging of the lungs were performed.

Results. Cardiac involvement is observed in 31 %, and pulmonary – in 5 % of patients, among them cardiac arrhythmias and conduction disorders, changes of the valvular apparatus and size of cameras, systolic and diastolic left ventricular dysfunction, interstitial pneumonitis, fibrosing alveolitis, obstructive bronchitis with pulmonary hypertension, increased pulmonary vascular resistance, deterioration of ventilation and lung diffusion capacity.

Conclusions. Cardiac and pulmonary changes are interrelated with each other, and violations of viscous, elastic, surfactants and relaxation properties of blood, the ratio of endothelium-dependent vasoconstrictors and vasodilators are involved in their pathogenesis.

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