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А.S. Gavrysh, V.G. Hadzhynsky, О.L. Kindzerskaya, S.I. Dorofeyeva Structural and metabolic factors of inadequacy of plastic supply of myocardial function in chronic heart failure of non-coronary origin

Model of the chronic heart failure was created in rabbits 2.5–3.5 kg by repeat injections of subtoxic dosages of epinephrine and coffeine. Material of the studied performed with complex of histological and histochemical methods, electronic microscopy and morphometry was received 1 month after last injection of the cardiotropic factors. The results of the studies made possible to follow morphogenesis of the induced inadequacy of plastic supply of the ventricular cardiomyocytes and showed its important pathogenetic role in the development of chronic contractile myocardial hypofunction in the model.

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