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S.N. Tyts, A.G. Gukov, D.P. Parchomchuk, J.G. Pertsova.Regional system of organizing and providing emergency medical care to patients with acute coronary syndrome in the Luhansk region

The aim – to present and justify the reform of a regional system of emergency medical care in patients with acute coronary syndrome in the Luhansk region.
Materials and methods. In order to optimize the treatment of patients with ACS local protocol for emergency medical care in patients with ST elevation ACS using pharmacoinvasive strategy reperfusion was developed and implemented in the area in 2012. The protocol defined uniform treatment and logistics of delivering patients to the cath lab.
Results. Protocol defined two zones throughout the region: the first – at a distance not more than 70 km from the interventional lab, with delivery time up to 120 minutes, the second – at a distance of over 70 km and delivery time over 120 minutes. According to the protocol, patients from the first zone were immediately to the intervention center. If a patient appeared in the 2nd territorial zone, he was hospitalized to the nearest cardiology hospital or intensive care unit for thrombolytic therapy. Over the next 12–24 hours coronary angiography was obligatory performed. Patients with no effective thrombolysis were transferred to cath lab as soon as possible within 10 hours.
Conclusions. This mode significantly reduced the time from the first call of patient to the provision of high-quality specialized care, including pharmacoinvasive reperfusion therapy.

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