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G.V. Knyshov, V.M. Kovalenko, V.V. Lazoryshynets, K.V. Rudenko, Ju.V. Davydova, L.M. Prokopovych, S.O. Siromakha. The current situation and prospects of development in emergency and urgent cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology in Ukraine

The perspectives of the creation of urgent and emergency cardiac surgery and interventional care system directed to save the life of patients and reduce the degree of disability of the citizens of Ukraine are analyzed. According to the statistical data, in Ukraine the need for cardiac emergency care is about 200 thousands cases per year, among which 108 thousands have fatal consequences. Taking into the account a wide network of cardiac centers and centers of interventional cardiology, highly qualified professionals, modern medical equipment, and experience of treating patients with emergency cardiac surgery pathology, formation system of urgent and emergent cardiac care is logical, essential and possible in the near future.

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