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V.M. Kornatsky, A.P. Dorogoy, D.M. Moroz.Methodology of the contemporary prevention and early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases

The aim – to identify negative factors that have influenced contemporary development and course of cardiovascular pathology, in particular, among victims of the military operations.

Materials and methods. The study involved 213 patients aged from 21 to 65 years, 61 males, 152 females, with arterial hypertension – 92; ischemic heart disease – 29; hypertension in combination with ischemic heart disease – 48; non-coronary heart disease – 44 patients. All patients were screened by means of questionnaires.

Results. It was established, that among the identified affective disorders the largest percent was anxiety – 46 %, somatoform – 20 %, depressive states – 16 %; 12 % had combination of anxiety and depressive symptoms. Identified syndrome had gender characteristics, i.e. anxiety and depressive symptoms were significantly prevalent among women.

Conclusions. The data regarding level of stress, anxiety, depression and quality of life reflect a clinically significant mood disorder that affects quality of life in general in vast majority of patients. An algorithm for screening anxiety and depression in primary care was developed.

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