A.V. Іpatov, Yu.I. Коrobkin, I.V. Drozdova, I.Yu. Khaniukova, М.G. Sydorova Diseases of cardiovascular system: leading tendencies of the dynamics of disability.

The analysis of dynamics of disability of adults and working age population of Ukraine resulting from cardiovascular diseases in 2000–2010 was conducted based on the official statistical data. Information technology of estimation of dynamics of disability in Ukraine was elaborated. One of its constituents was an analysis of sentinel rows, based on regressive approach. This technology gives opportunity to describe the dynamics of disability as a result of cardiovascular diseases in different regions of Ukraine, to distinguish leading tendencies of this process, to set the relative risk of disability increase, to establish regions with the increase of primary disability and expect the level of the “hidden” disability, to forecast future tendencies making possible to improve monitoring of disability in Ukraine in future. The received data regarding dynamics of disability as a result of cardiovascular diseases testify to the insufficient or incomplete use of possibilities of medico-social help in Ukraine. The considerable expected prospects are in relation to the improvement of quality of work of all medico-social examination service at further introduction of contemporary medical information technologies.

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