D.D. Dyachuk, A.М. Kravchenko, L.S. Fainzilberg, S.S. Stanislavska, Z.A. Korchinska, K.B. Orikhovska, V.S. Pasko, K.O. Mikhaliev. Screening of myocardial ischemia myocardium by the assessment of repolarization phase

The aim – to evaluate the screening value for phasegraphy device for ischemia diagnosis.

Material and methods. We screened 590 people in scope of planned yearly screening. Phasegraphy was performed in all subjects. This study was performed using special sensor determining the symmetry of the T-wave (βТ parameter) at single-channel ECG.

Results. We demonstrated that diagnostic test based on measurement of the symmetry of the single-channel ECG T-wave in the phase space, was an effective diagnostic tool for identification of subjects with suspected coronary artery disease. In vast majority of patients with coronary heart disease the value of T-wave symmetry βТ significantly exceeded the βТ value in patients without clinical evidence of ischemic changes of the myocardium.

Conclusion. Due to the simplicity of methodology, its low cost, the small amount of time (3–5 minutes) for examination and high diagnostic value, phasegraphy might be recommended for use in primary health care institutions to assess the level of functional state of the cardiovascular system at population screening.

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