О.J. Zharinov, V.V. Studnikova, О.P. Nadorak, K.O. Mikhaliev, O.А. Yepanchintseva, B.М. Тodurov.Early complications after coronary artery bypass grafting in patients with ischemic heart disease and concomitant diabetes mellitus

The aim of the research was to evaluate clinical features and early post-surgery complications in patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) after coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). The data received at clinical and instrumental investigation of 301 patients with CAD selected for CABG surgery were retrospectively analyzed in the cross-sectional one-center study. Among these patients, there were 257 males and 44 females in the age 29–84 years, average age (61±9) years. Evaluation of the general clinical, laboratory data, echocardiographic investigation and coronary angiography were performed in all patients. Diabetes mellitus 2nd type was diagnosed in 72 (23.9%) patients. Groups of patients with and without concomitant DM selected for surgical revascularization didn’t differ by majority parameters of myocardial structure and function and severity of coronary atherosclerosis. Despite this, the patients with DM had longer duration of the artificial circulation and postsurgery inotropic support, and nephropathy was registered more often in them. Special investigations are necessary to determine ways of prevention of renal complications after CABG surgery in patients with concomitant DM.

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