O.S. Gavrysh, N.V. Shults, O.L. Kindserska, S.I. DorofeevaEnergetic supply of myocardium in chronic heart failure of non-coronarogenic origin.

We studied the violation of the energetic supply of the contractile function of myocardium in models of chronic heart failure, which was modeled by repeated injections of adrenaline and caffeine. The studies were performed using histological, histochemical techniques, electron microscopy and morphometry. In ventricular cardiomyocytes we studied the content and distribution of glycogen, the activity of key enzymes of glycolysis,
Krebs cycle and the redox chain, morphology and function of mitochondria with the definition of labile functional contacts (coefficient of associativity, СAM) of these organelles. It was established that violation of aerobic and anaerobic ways to restore the phosphates is combined with significant changes in cardiomyocytes, the phenomena of oxidative stress, alterative changes of organelles, including damage to the mitochondria of
cardiomyocytes, able to initiate apoptosis.

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