Ye.A. Kvasha Influence of overweight upon cardiovascular mortality of women: the prospective study.

The aim of the study was to estimate contribution of body mass to mortality from cardiovascular and other chronic disease and to study dynamics of prevalence of this risk factor according to cross-sectional examinations of female representative samples in the age from 40 to 59 years. Relative risk of death associated with body mass was estimated on the basis of 20-years prospective study of female population 40–59 years old in Kyiv and level off attributed risk was used for assessment of contribution of body mass to cardiovascular mortality. The data of two population surveys carried out according to epidemiological programs were presented. The study indicated that the attributive risk of stroke for death was determined by obesity in 67.7% and ischemic heart disease – in 28.0%. During last 30 years the prevalence of overweight in female population has decreased by 9.9%, however combination of overweight with other risk factors has considerably increased.

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