L.A. Mishchenko Interaction of non-traditional cardiovascular risk factors with signs of atherosclerotic artery damage in essential hypertensive patients.

The purpose of the study was to investigate relationship between new cardiovascular risk factors and atherosclerotic artery damage in essential hypertensive (EH) patients and normotensive persons. 273 EH
patients and 57 normotensive persons underwent complex clinical examination, exercise test, carotid artery Doppler ultrasonography, blood tests (C-reactive protein, uric acid, fibrinogen, glucose, HbA1c, immuno –
reactive insulin, lipid profile, malonic dialdehyde, superoxide dismutase activity) and 24-hour urine (microalbuminuria) test. It was demonstrated that atherosclerotic damage of carotid arteries in normotensive
persons is associated with urinary albumin excretion, nonspecific systemic inflammation, oxidative stress and with high density lipoproteins cholesterol level. In EH patients atherosclerosis was also associated with
proinflammatory plasma activity and microalbuminuria. But unlike normotensive subjects, atherosclerosis in this patients was related to uricemia, insulin resistance, plasma glucose, HbA1c and fibrinogen levels.

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