M.I. Lutai, A.N. Parkhomenko, A.F. Lysenko, I.P. Golikova, Ph.G. Steg, N. Greenlaw, I. Ford.International Registry CLARIFY of patients with stable coronary artery disease in Ukraine: features, problems and prospects.

The International Registry CLARIFY (The prospeCtive observational LongitudinAl RegIstry oF patients with stable coronary arterY disease) is a prospective project involving long-term, for 5 years, monitoring of patients with chronic coronary artery disease (CAD). The project is conceived to get more information about the patients with stable coronary artery disease, as the attention has been focused lately on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with acute forms of the disease. It is intended also to explore the differences between the actual clinical practice and current recommendations based on evidence data. The CLARIFY study included 33,438 patients from 45 countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia, Australia and the Middle East. In Ukraine, the study included 777 patients from the outpatient practice of 52 physicians. Men predominate (˜80 %) among patients with stable coronary artery disease both in Ukraine and general CLARIFY population. 41 % of Ukrainian population had a positive family history of CAD, 78 % – arterial hypertension, 18 % – diabetes mellitus. Ukrainians are notable for significantly higher body mass index (median 29.1 vs 27.2 kg/m2, P

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