Yu.М. Sirenko, G.D. Radchenko, I.M. Martsovenko, on behalf of the study group Blood pressure control in different Ukrainian regions according to the data of multicentre study “Possibility of effective blood pressure control by domestic generic drugs”

The aim of the study was to evaluate the results of 3 month treatment of patients with arterial hypertension by primary care physicians (n=531) depending on region of Ukraine. The study based on the results of examination of 7935 patients with arterial hypertension, who were divided into 7 groups depending on place of their living. All patients underwent office blood pressure measurement, ECG, evaluation of the compliance by X. Girerd questioner tests baseline and 3 months after treatment by Ukrainian generic antihypertensive drugs. It was established that target blood pressure could be achieved in most patients using Ukrainian generic antihypertensive drugs, but percentage of patients with controlled blood pressure was different in different regions – from 52.5 to 70 %. The causes of poor blood pressure control were diverse in different regions.

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