V.M. Kovalenko, M.M. Dolzhenko, E.G. Nesukay, Ya.S. Dyachenko, A.O. Nudchenko. Comparative description of cardiovascular diseases prevention in Ukraine and Europe in EUROASPIRE IV: hospital line.

Ukraine took part in EUROASPIRE IV during period of 2012–2013. There were interviewed 643 patients with cardiovascular diseases (471 men and 172 women), age 59.81±9.83 years. The results showed that the European recommendations on secondary prevention of coronary artery disease (CAD) in everyday clinical practice are insufficiently implemented in Ukraine. So, the problem of smoking in Ukraine is more significant than in the European countries-participants: considerable part of CAD patients are permanent smokers who refuse from smoking cessation after an index event (24 %). Prevalence of overweight appeared equally high (81 %), however the Ukrainian patients were considerably less motivated to reduce it. Physical activity both in Ukraine and in Europe was extremely low in more than a half of patients. The Ukrainian patients with CAD were more informed than in Europe about blood cholesterol and glucose, however their levels exceeded such for Europeans, and target values were not achieved in most of the patients. Hypertension in Ukraine appeared better diagnosed, however worse controlled, as compared to Europe. Medical therapy of the Ukrainian patients was insufficient for achievement of target values of main factors of cardiovascular risk. This may be related to less effective dosages of medications, insufficient usage of the combined therapy in CAD patients in Ukraine.

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