V.M. Kovalenko, E.G. Nesukay, S.V. Cherniuk, O.O. Danylenko, R.M. Kirichenko, Y.Y. Hiresh, E.Yu. Titov, N.S. Polenova. Myocarditis: state of art and search for new diagnostic approaches

The article reviews contemporary data focused on the incidence of myocarditis, characteristics of the different diagnostic approaches, problems related to differential diagnosis and to the evolution of diagnostic criteria. Despite that endomyocardial biopsy remains the «gold standard» of the diagnosis its use in real clinical practice is strictly limited. The last decade is characterized by the rapid development of non-invasive imaging techniques capable to detect myocardial inflammation, such as cardiac MRI with T1 and T2 mapping, positron-emission computer tomography as also contemporary echocardiographic techniques, such as speckle-tracking. Also we demonstrate our own experience with evaluation of the gender features of myocarditis clinical manifestations and assessment of their sensitivity and specificity for the diagnosis.

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