O.I. Mitchenko, V.Yu. Romanov, К.О. Yanovska, M.M. Gelmedova, L.V. Yakushko, T.V. Beliayeva, I.V. Chulayevska Leptin adiponectin index as a new additional surrogate marker of atherosclerotic lesions.

The aim of work was to explore the features of adypokins of adipose tissue and surrogate markers of atherosclerosis in patients with ischemic heart disease (IHD), hypertension and metabolic syndrome. We examined
87 men with hypertension with or without IHD. We determined body mass index, glucose, insulin, HOMA index, leptin, adiponectin, the ratio leptin/adiponectin (L/A), blood lipids, intima – media thickness (IMT) in the common carotid artery, endothelium-dependent vasodilation. Significant increase of proatherogenic adypokin – leptin and values of L/A index was revealed in patients with hypertension, metabolic syndrome and concomitant
IHD. Increase of IMT was most important in men with IHD and diabetes mellitus. L/A index may serve as an additional surrogate marker of atherosclerotic lesions. It correlates with the number of affected atherosclerotic
coronary arteries and body mass index.

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