V.К. Serkova, Yu.L. Kobrinchuk, V.А. RomanovaLeptin in patients with coronary heart disease in combination with diabetes mellitus.

The purpose of work was to study the level of leptin in patients with ischemic heart disease associated with diabetes mellitus 2 types and its relation to the traditional factors of cardiovascular risk. 86 patients (50 men and 36 women, age from 40 to 69 years (average age 55.3±3.1 years) were observed. The control group included 26 practically healthy persons. Depending on the body mass index the patients were distributed into groups without (47 patients) and with obesity (39 patients). The increase of leptin level was most expressed at patients with obesity. We detected direct relation of leptin level to the body mass index, index of abdominal obesity, triglycerides levels, less prominent – to levels of systolic and diastolic blood pressure, negative relation with content of high density lipoproteins. There was no reliable association between the levels of leptin and blood level of glucose (r=0.18, Р>0.05). There was no relationship between leptin level and alcohol consumption and the degree of physical activity. Association of leptin with other cardiovascular risk factors in patients with ischemic heart disease and diabetes mellitus was more pronounced in patients with obesity.

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