Ye.B. Yershova, Т.А. Yalynskaya, Таmmo Raad, N.V. Rokitskaya, I.N. Dykan, N.N. Rudenko Magnetic resonance imaging in the assessment of myocarditis.

Thirty five cardiac MRI studies of patients with clinical diagnosis of myocarditis were analyzed. Acute inflammatory foci were found in 14.3% cases. Most focal lesions were localized in meso/subepicardial region of lateral and posterior walls of left ventricle and were clearly enhanced. In cases of suspected chronic myocarditis only decreased ejection fraction of left ventricle was found. Cardiac MRI can noninvasively detect different models of myocardial damages. This may be particularly useful for differential diagnosis and to proceed to left ventri cular biopsy.

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