T.V. Sosnytska, L.A. Stadniuk, V.М. Sosnytskyi, A.A. Liliakevych Magnetocardiographic fragmentation of QRS complex: a novel marker of myocardial damage.

Magnetocardiographic (MCG) fragmentation of QRS complex, defined as changes in QRS morphology with different RSR patterns of current density, additional waves and notched S wave, has been linked to the ischemic
heart disease (IHD) and been postulated to be a new MCG marker in certain pathologies. In this article MCG fragmentation of QRS complexes is shown to be a marker of morphological MCG abnormality. It might be
supposed that the presence of fragmentation in the resting MCG of a patient with IHD or with suspected IHD reflects the presence of regional structural heart disorders.

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