O.I. Mitchenko M.N. Mamedov, T.V. Kolesnik, A.D. Deev, V.Yu. Romanov G.Y. Ilyushina. Features of cardiovascular risk factors in women depending on menopause

The aim – presents sub analysis of cardiovascular and cardiometabolic risk factors in a large population-based study conducted in Dnipropetrovsk female population (n=532, age 30–69 years) in 2009–2013, depending on menopause.

Material and methods. The analysis of the epidemiological characteristics of the cohort of female urban population of Dnepropetrovsk (n = 532) was performed, depending on menopause. The surveyed subjects were divided into two groups: I group consisted of 217 women of reproductive age (average age 39.7±0.4 years), II group – 315 postmenopausal women (average age 57.6±0.3 years).

Results. The study reported relatively lower, compared to the European data, average age of menopause in the urban population of Ukraine (48.9±0.3 years). This was accompanied by significant manifestations of cardiovascular risk factors. The onset of menopause was associated with high percentage of overweight and abdominal type obesity. Along with onset of the menopause, the prevalence of hypertension was increased by half compared to women of the reproductive age (from 30.2 to 68.1 %). Pro-atherogenic changes of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism were detected significantly more often. The prevalence of smoking declines at onset of the menopause from 18.6 to 7.6 %, but this risk factor is preserved in the older age groups.

Conclusion. The dramatic increase in the prevalence of risk factors may be associated with an earlier manifestation of cardiac disease on background of hypoestrogenemia.

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