I.S. Chekman, N.O. Gorchakova, A.K. Galytska, A.M. Doroshenko, P.V. Simonov.Nanomedicine and cardiology: nanotechnology in coronary revascularization and correctionof haemostasis.

Cardiovascular disease continue to be a major source of mortality and morbidity. Nanomedicine is an emerging field of medicine which utilizes nanotechnology concepts for advanced diagnosis, therapy, and prophylaxis. This review presents recent developments in nanomedicine research, which have significant influence on modern cardiology, including problem of interventional coronary revascularization, development of nanoparticles-eluting stent, prevention of coronary in-stent restenosis, creation of effective and safe antithrombotic, prothrombotic and fibrinolytic agents and issue of biocompatibility. But biosafety of nanostructured materials is still a challenging problem that is going to be resolved in the nearest future.

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