G.V. Knyshov, Ye.V. Levchishina Peculiarities of coronary atherosclerosis course in patients with ischemic heart disease after coronary artery stenting or bypass grafting.

The aim of the research was to perform retrospective analysis of initial and repeated coronary catheterizations in 283 patients after direct myocardial revascularization and to study what happens in initially relatively “healthy” coronary arteries, in vessels with minimal (hemodynamically insignificant) stenoses, in arteries with local endothelium injury. The study showed that in initially relatively “healthy” coronary arteries coronary atherosclerosis progression was similarly intensive after coronary artery bypass grafting anamnesis (14.6%) and after stenting (13.6%). In vessels with minimal stenoses there were significant differences (15.6 and 28.1%, accordingly). In vessels with hemodynamically significant stenoses coronary atherosclerosis progression occurred five times more often after bypass surgery than after coronary stenting (35.6 and 6.6%, accordingly).

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