G.D. Radchenko, I.M. Martsovenko, Yu.М. SirenkoPrevention of cardiovascular disease – start from yourself. Results of anonymous questionnaire of the physicians treating hypertensive patients

The aim of study was to evaluate the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors among physicians treating hypertensive patients. Ninety five physicians from one of the Ukraine regions were questioned. The questions
included place of living, age, gender, date of graduation, specialization, anthropometric data, blood pressure level, knowledge about hypertension, duration of hypertension, cholesterol levels, taking antihypertensive drugs / statins, last ECG data, smoking, physical activity, the salt food, fruit and vegetable consumption. Among physicians, 97.9 % knew their blood pressure level, 17.8 % had arterial hypertension and 94.1 % among them
had uncontrolled blood pressure (> 140/90 mm Hg). Only 64.7 % took antihypertensive drugs regularly. Most physicians had normal body mass index, obesity was diagnosed in 9.5 %, being overweight – in 31.6 %; 50.5 %
physicians knew their total cholesterol level, only 14.7 % did lipid profile. The high total cholesterol level was found in 36.2 %, but only 47.1 % among them received statins. Despite taking statins, 62.5 % physicians had increased total cholesterol level. 29.2 % of male physicians were smokers. 82.1 % answered that they did physical activity regularly, but in a half of them the duration of exercise was less than 30 minutes. 46.3 % took salt food regularly. Therefore, wider implementation of lifestyle modifications in physician’s population is a way to improve cardiovascular disease prevention.

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