V.N. Slavnov, G.A. Zubkova Radionuclide assessment of hemodynamics and filtrationexcretory function of the kidneys in patients with diabetes mellitus and essential hypertension.

Investigation of hemodynamics and filtration-excretory renal function was performed in 84 patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) without diabetic nephropathy (DN), with DN II and III stages and patients with type 2 DM with arterial hypertension and without DN. Dynamic renoscintigraphy and radionuclide angiography kidneys was performed by scintillation tomographic gamma camera GKS 301 T with neurotropic preparation 99mTc-DTPA.
Type 2 DM patients without DN with disease lasting more than 12 years, as well as patients with type 2 DM with arterial hypertension of the second stage reveal disturbances of hemodynamic and filtration-excretory function of kidneys.

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