T.V. Sosnytska, L.A. Stadniuk, Ye.V. Moiseyenko, V.M. Sosnytskyi, V.M. Budnik, L.V. Yegorova, A.A. Liliakevych Reproducibility analyses of magnetocardiography parameters.

Evaluation of reproducibility of 7 new original magnetocardiography (MCG) parameters was conducted in this work. These parameters were selected for further studies of diagnostic capabilities of the MCG method. The
evaluation was held on the basis of three different statistic tests: the Student t test was used to analyze continuous data, which were expressed as mean value ± SD, one-way ANOVA and ІСС – Interclass Correlation
Coefficient. The results of estimation showed that 6 out of 7 parameters selected for analysis demonstrate longterm reproducibility at observation of healthy subjects and may be recommended for further studies.

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