S. Sagalovsky, T. Richter. Vascular calcification and osteoporosis: from understanding common cellular and molecular mechanisms to search molecules as potential therapeutic targets.

The article presents contemporary view on the cellular and molecular mechanisms of vascular calcification and osteoporosis pathogenesis. The key role of a number of molecules of signal cellular system and their antagonists, which are of particular interest as target molecules in the development of vascular calcification (atherosclerosis), and osteoporosis is noted. The discovery of the cytokine RANKL-RANK-OPG system and significant role of cathepsin K in the process of bone and vessel remodeling made possible to develop drugs of the novel generation – denosumab, a completely human monoclonal antibody to RANKL and inhibitor of cathepsin K – odanacatib that inhibits bone tissues resorption and vascular calcification.

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