О.M. Lomakovsky Condition of T-cellular and humoral immunity in patients with ischemic heart disease with dyslipidemia and oxidative stress

For the purpose of specification of pathogenetic components of ischemic heart disease (IHD) we studied relation of T-cellular and humoral links of specific immunity with blood lipid spectrum and oxidation of lipoproteins and proteins in patients with IHD. 230 patients with chronic IHD (stable angina pectoris of ІІ–ІV functional class) were surveyed. Average age of patients was 56 (49–63) years. It was shown that high level of primary and secondary products of lipid oxidation with simultaneous low level of antioxidant system enzyme isn’t associated with blood lipid spectrum of patients with IHD. Activity of T-cellular and humoral components of immune inflammation is connected with oxidation of lipoproteins and fibers and poorly associated with disturbances of lipid metabolism in patients with IHD and stable angina pectoris.

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