O.V. Skochko, T.V. Mamontova, L.E. Vesnina, I.P. Kaidashev.The relationship of periodontal disease to risk factors for the development of the ischemic heart disease

The aim – to assess risk factors (RF) among patients with ischemic heart disease (IHD) and to assess their relationship to various inflammatory dental diseases.

Material and methods. Sixty three patients with IHD, age 45–68 years, were included. The study included 63 patients with ischemic heart disease – 40 (63.5 %) men and 23 (36.5 %) women, age 45–68 years. The investigation consisted of anamnesis and objective data, risk factors detection, stomatologic study, ECG, ultrasonography of brachial arteries, general and biochemical blood analysis.

Results and discussion. Patients with IHD had different RF, such as male gender (63.5 %), hereditary ischemic heart disease (41.3 %) and arterial hypertension (AH) (76 %), previous AH (57 %), excess body weight and obesity (85.7 %), diabetes mellitus 2 type (31.7 %), inflammatory dental diseases (3.2–84.1 %), smoking (49.2 %), psychoemotional stress (100 %), systemic inflammation, impaired glucose tolerance (49.2 %), dyslipidemia, microalbuminuria (23.8 %). The presence of inflammatory pathology dentoalveolar apparatus (mono or combined pathology) was observed in 95.3 % patients. The following dental diseases were noted: the average caries (44.4 %), chronic periodontitis (36,5 %), local periodontitis (84.1 %). The relation between periodontal disease and CHD factors was found.

Conclusions. These data suppose relationship between microflora of the oral cavity and the risk of systemic pathologies with inflammatory component, such as cardiovascular disease, implying need for practical solution of this problem.

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