O.Yu. Buchko Ultrastructural shift in monocytes in diabetes mellitus type 2 in combination with unstable angina

The aim of this research was to demonstrate and analyze the impact of hyperglycemia in diabetes mellitus type 2 on monocytes ultrastructure of venous blood in patients with unstable angina. We studied 38 patients (age
48–71 years) with type 2 diabetes of different severity and unstable angina and 11 patients without diabetes. Investigation of ultrastructure of monocytes was carried out in all patients using electronic microscope at the increase by 3000-5000 times. It was shown that presence of type 2 diabetes causes degenerative changes in monocytes, as well as appearance of secretory macrophages, monocytes, producing inflammatory cytokines
and causing angina destabilization. Especially pronounced changes of monocytes were observed in type 2 diabetes duration of more than 10 years duration accompanied by severe course of unstable angina.

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