V.N. Kovalenko, M.P. Boichak, A.N. Parkhomenko, V.N. Sosnytskyi, L.A. Stadniuk, G.V. Miasnikov, T.V. Sosnytskaya, I.A. Chaikovskyi, B. Khailer, A.R. Sapozhnikov, O.S. Guryeva Magnetocardiography capabilities in myocardium injury diagnosis

The objective of the study was to investigate magnetocardiography (MCG) capabilities in diagnosis of ischemic and inflammatory myocardial injuries using new MCG markers of the spatio-temporal organization of myocardium excitation. We investigated 34 healthy volunteers, 62 patients with ischemic heart disease (IHD) and 32 patients with acute myocarditis. MCG-mapping of patients was performed at rest on the 7-channel MCGscanners «Cardiomagscan» V 3.1 (Company KMG, Ukraine) in non-shielded MCG laboratory. Significant differences of MCG markers were revealed in the study groups. Patients with IHD and myocarditis differed from the healthy subjects by 8 of 11 markers. Analysis of the obtained data showed good capabilities of MCG in differential diagnosis. Application of discriminatory analysis allowed to get classification functions, which might be used (with 82 % accuracy) to qualify patients to the investigated categories. Thus, MCG was able to distinguish between healthy subjects and myocarditis patients and patients with IHD with sufficient sensitivity and specificity.

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