S.D. Babliak, V.A. Skybchyk, L.V. Korostyl Influence of lercanidipine upon risk of acute coronary events according to the PROCAM scale in young and middle-aged patients with arterial hypertension

The aim of study was to evaluate the influence of therapy by lercanidipine on the changes of coronary risk in hypertensive patients. We assessed risk factors in 38 men 30–50 years old and calculated risk of acute coronary events according to the PROCAM scale. Then we began treatment with lercanidipine in 17 patients (group A) or added lercanidipine to the previous treatment with enalapril or bisoprolol in 21 patients (group B). After 6-month treatment we repeated the evaluation of risk factors and total risk. The results of our investigation showed that long-term antihypertensive treatment by lercanidipine significantly diminished coronary risk in both groups. PROCAM scale is a simple and useful tool for assessment of cardiovascular risk in hypertensive patients.

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