V.B. Bezrodniy, L.A. Mischenko, Ye.P. Svyschenko Influence of losartan on some risk factors in patients with hypertension and renal dysfunction

The aim of work was to define influence of losartan on the renal function and some non-traditional risk factors in 33 hypertensive patients with hypertensive nephropathy. Initially and at the end of the 3-months losartan (50 mg/daily) treatment glomerular filtration rate (GFR), plasma total cholesterol, low and high density lipoproteins, triglycerides, inflammatory marker C-reactive protein, uric acid were measured. 24-h urinary
collection for estimation of GFR was used. Microalbuminuria (MA) was detected in 24-h urinary samples, glucose and plasma insulin levels were obtained during glucose tolerance test. Therapy with losartan in
hypertensive patients with hypertensive nephropathy led to improvement of kidney function (increase of GFR and decrease of MA), decrease of blood pressure, positively influenced insulin resistance and lipid profile.
Losartan decreased level of uric acid in plasma and diminished activity of systemic inflammation in patients with essential hypertension with decreased kidney function.

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