V.A. Gandzyuk.Analysis of ischemic heart disease morbidity in Ukraine

The aim – to examine incidence, characteristics and trends of cardiovascular diseases prevalence and disability during the period 2008–2012 years in population of Ukraine.
Material and methods. We studied data of the Regional Office of WHO, the official statistics of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine, Centre for Medical Statistics of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The systematic approach, medical and statistical and analytical methods were used. The dynamics of cardiovascular diseases morbidity, including coronary heart disease, was studied within five years of observation in Ukraine and the European region.
Results. Coronary heart disease takes the leading position in the structure of morbidity, disability and mortality in all regions of Ukraine. Coronary heart disease in adults accounts for 67.6 % of deaths in the structure of cardiovascular diseases (54.8 % at working age). Analysis of mortality in coronary heart disease indicates some, albeit small improvements. Over the period 2008–2012 years, not only the absolute value of the number of deaths was decreased by 0.2 %, but mortality coefficients as well (by 3.9 %). Index of primary disability from coronary heart disease consistently ranked first place in the structure of the causes of disability in adults

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