О.J. Zharinov, О.P. Nadorak, О.А. Yepanchintseva, B.M. Todurov.Predictors of life-threatening complications after coronary artery bypass grafting in patients with postoperation atrial fibrillation

Material and methods. The prospective one-center study analyzed data received at clinical and instrumental investigation of 79 patients with IHD, in which appearance of atrial fibrillation was registered during early period after CABG surgery. Among them, 73 men and 6 women, median age 63 (quartiles 55–69) years.
Results. Severe early post surgery complications were diagnosed in 19 patients. Acute heart failure appeared in 10 cases, ischemic stroke – in 9, pneumonia – in 3, acute myocardial infarction – in 1, acute nephropathy – in 4; 3 patients died. The frequency of complications depended on the type of surgery. I.e., severe complications were registered in 5 out of 41 patients (12.2 %) after isolated CABG and in 14 out of 38 patients (36.8 %) after CABG combined with aortic or mitral valve surgery or left ventricular (LV) plastics. The patients with complications had significantly longer duration of artificial circulation and inotropic support.
Conclusions. Patients with POAF and early life-threatening complications after CABG had lower LV ejection fraction, larger dimension of left atrium, lower glomerular filtration rate and higher level of C-reactive protein. Later appearance and longer duration of POAF was noted in patients with post surgery complications. This should be taken into account in determining optimal approaches for prevention of thrombotic complications.

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