S.N. Tyts, A.G. Gukov, N.A. Shapovalov, A.I. Nekrasa, A.D. Lugovskov, J.G. Pertsova.Analysis of activities of the regional network of reperfusion in Lugansk region

The purpose was to evaluate the effectiveness of the network organization of reperfusion in the Lugansk region during 2012. Local protocol of emergency medical care in patients with ST segment elevation acute coronary syndrome using pharmacoinvasive strategy reperfusion was developed and implemented. The protocol included uniform treatment strategy and logistics of patient transportation from to cath lab, depending on delivery time. As a result of the development of regional network of reperfusion, we achieved: (1) a significant increase of urgent coronary interventions, (2) the increased coverage of reperfusion therapy in patients with acute coronary syndromes, and (3) the decreased time from onset of pain to percutaneous coronary intervention. This led to reduction of mortality of patients during different terms after myocardial infarction.

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