N.T. Vatutin, E.V. Skliannaya, N.V. Kalinkina Changes of blood pressure in response to stress at young men depending on psychoemotional status.

The objective of the research was to study interrelation of psychoemotional status and changes of blood pressure (BP) in response to stress in young healthy men (medical students) with initially optimal BP. The
psychoemotional status of the investigated was estimated by test of mental adaptation (S.B. Semichova’s model), scales of level of situational uneasiness (Spilberger – Khanin) and a questionnaire «From being unsure
to being sure» (N.N. Obozov). According to the results of testing, persons with mild (having pathological results by one test), moderate (by two) and severe (by three tests) psychoemotional desadaptation were allocated. It was established, that pathological reaction of BP on stress (increase by more than 25 % from initial) was observed in 21.2 % young healthy men. Superfluous stress increase of BP was more prevalent in persons with
severe psychoemotional dysfunction.

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