A.P. Dorogoi. Alcohol cardiomyopathy and alcohol liver disease: problems and consequences of alcohol consumption

The aim – to analyze the mortality dynamics and its structure, life expectancy and losses of labor potential among the economically active population of Ukraine in 2005 and 2015 with considering all classes of diseases related to alcohol consumption, according to the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision.
Material and methods. There were analyzed the official data of the Ukraine State Statistics Committee and SI «The Center of the Ukraine Ministry of Health Medical Statistics» on the distribution of mortality by sex, age groups and causes of death for 2005 and 2015. The calculations were performed by standardized methods using Excel program.
Results. The mortality rate in rural areas from causes related to alcohol, was much higher rural than in urban areas (34.917 and 20.644 per 100 thousand respective population). The mortality among men awas three times higher than in women (44.360 and 9.391 respectively for 100 thousand). In the structure of mortality in 2015 alcoholic cardiomyopathy was responsible for 34.7 %, alcohol liver disease – 17.9 %, mental and behavior disturbances, due to alcohol – 7.4 %, the degeneration of the nervous system, caused by use of alcohol – 6.8 %. The structure of mortality from alcoholic liver disease was accounted for 76.1 % by alcohol cirrhosis, for 12.7 % – by alcohol fatty infiltration. Life expectancy those who died of alcohol disease genesis, not exceed 50–52 years, which is 20 years less than total life expectancy. Social losses reached 191,889 lost years of life.
Conclusions. The consumption of alcohol in any dose is the risk for health rising from low to high. There was not determined any beneficial dose of alcohol. Reducing of alcohol consumption should be considered a factor in the development both individuals and society.

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